Product Review

So ladies let’s talk about the 50’s when I was born and we only dry our hair with towels. At home or at the hair dresser they only use towels to dry our wet hair. The water dripping down your neck and on the floor as what made it worst and heavy on your head. So now being able to live in 2016 give you the option to have better product made. One of those products created was the Premium Microfiber Hair Towel that I brought from The Curly Co. For me this towel solve my problem when it come to drying my wet hair. This Premium Micro Fiber Hair Towel is wonderful when you wash and dry your hair because with most of those  towel we use on our hair doesn’t fit or is healthy when using the old bath towel if your hair is long, short, curly, light waves and pin straight hair. When I wash my hair the towel dry my hair fast and frizz free. The towel is light and large to stop dripping water from down my neck and on the floor. The towel has a built in cotton loop to hang my towel to dry. And if you are not satisfied with this towel the company The Curly Co will 100% refund your money back.


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