Product Review

Shower Rings

As I’m aging and suffering from arthritis in my hand it becomes difficult for me to install my shower curtain. So I thought if I brought the clear plastic one it would make it easier for me. So I believed that I was getting a product that would make your my life easier and to only find out that it made it worst. That’s what happened to me when I purchase the plastic shower rings. The shower rings make my hands ache when you install them and they are hard to open or they don’t close. The plastic rings have my shower curtain hanging off the pole onto my bathroom floor. So now I need to find a more beneficial solution to my problem and to look for something different. I had a chance to get a shower ring that are stainless steel which made sense because now I don’t have to worry about if it would match my shower curtain when I change the colors and easy to install.  The shower rings are non magnetic, rust free, polished and chrome plated easy to apply. The product comes with a 10 yrs. Guarantee which is always a plus when I buy products. The determination I made to change from plastic to stainless steel was a solution to my problem of securing my shower curtain and keep it from falling off the pole.


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