Product Review


Are you like me always losing or misplacing your eyeglasses and always asking your family have they seen your glasses, so look no more. My daughter was so tired of me losing my glasses and she had to go hunting for them all the time. Then one day she said you need to get something to go around your neck so that you always will know where your eyeglasses are. If your like me, I need something that will work and keep me from dropping, sitting or losing them. These holder keep my glasses secure around my neck and are very fashionable that look good with my clothes. I had the chance to buy this eyeglass holder which is comfortable and convenient to fit narrow or wide glasses or arm. It’s made with PU leather, easy adjust length, 26 inches long and 3 classic colors that come in brown, light brown and black. The holder keeps your glasses in place around your neck and I also travel with them comfortably. I have been wearing this holder for a couple of days and they work great now I constantly know where my glasses are.


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