Product Review

Are you a watermelon lover and are you tried of buying pre package fruit at the store, then you need to buy this tool. I was not happy with the price I pay for pre package slice watermelon, the only reason I did not buy a whole watermelon is because I couldn’t slice it without fear of cutting my hands. As a middle-aged women suffering from arthritis I had to find something that would prevent me from hurting myself. So I was happy when I had a chance to buy the watermelon sliced corer and melon baller slice for my needs. This handy tool is easy to use for your personal use as well as parties and events. This watermelon slicer is stainless steel and dishwasher safe as well as light for personal use. It’s FDA approved and 100% money back guaranteed and is environmental friendly for long lasting ensures. The company Maestro of Comfort also includes a 20% discount promo-code for your next order so buy more it will make a neat gift.  Now I’m glad that I have found this kitchen tool, it will now help me enjoy fruit platters that I can do myself also save money and give me the opportunity to buy a whole watermelon and other melons that are not pre package. Now I recognize that I can prepare my own fruit platter and not spend a lot of money odering a platter from a professional company. 😀


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