Product Review


You never know when you are in a bad spot where you have to survive. I’m always looking for products to add to my survival kit. I ran across this compact Survive X Magnesium Fire Starter that is smaller than pen and I can travel everywhere with it. At first I wonder why I would need to start a firer, but when you’re in a bad situation you would need to start a  fire. It’s also beneficial to use for hiking, camping, hunting, boating and fishing. All over the world we are hit with different cases of disaster like earthquake, hurricane, floods and a tornado and may need a fire to survive we never know. The compact fired starter has a waterproof design with aerial aluminum construction with rubber gasket. This compact fire starter has an instant firer with hot sparks reaching 5,500 F and independently sealed with cotton swab. To use you need to scrape off protective covering, open cap and remove cotton fuel and strike sparks onto cotton in swift strokes. This merchandise is a great gift for someone you care about but please use this product safely.


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