Product Review

I’m a pain suffer from back and neck injury from work related and auto accident. So today when I sit a long time while traveling or when attending services on Sunday and when I want to attend our One or Three day convention, it causes me pain and no l relieve from sitting so long. Then I need to find a solution to my problem that would help me relieve the pain and help me enjoy my time out. I brought the Memory Form seat cushion in hope that it would resolve the pain problem. Let begin by talking about the design. The pattern is made with breathable 3D mesh fabric, hypoallergenic, dust mites resistant cover and premium grade memory foam. It relieves direct pressure from spine and tailbone. When I use this memory seat not only is my experience of sitting is comfortable and pain free the seat is really soft. The place is great for women or men, young or old that suffer from pain from sitting and need to relieve and support. It’s also great for pregnant adult females that need to reduce the weight of carry their baby while sitting. It’s also perfect for me because I suffer allergies and asthma and this seat is made for people like me.


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