Product Review

To all of the tea and coffee lover I had the opportunity to add to my list of products to review. Being old school I always boil water on the stove for tea. Now for me it’s become unsafe to boil water on the stove because I’m older and dealing with health issue that becomes challenging. Then I decided instead of standing by the stove and baby sitting or walking away while the water is on the stove and I sometimes forget that the pan is still on, to look into buying an electric kettle that shut off. I was not sure of what kind or if it made any difference in the shape or what it was made out of as long as it was affordable and shut off on it own. So I purchase this electric gooseneck kettle that’s made out of stainless steel inside the kettle and outside, a large handle made to fit your hand and made out of plastic to avoid from burning your hand, a gooseneck that control you water pouring straight into the cup over your tea bag or coffee to keep the water from spilling. My favorite feature is the shut off and the 1000 watts base to heat quickly. This kettle is easy to use and clean so I very happy with it. I received this product for a discount price in exchange for a honest review. 😀  Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing this kettle Also subscribe to my YouTube for other videos about the product.

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