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Hello to all of my travelers today I received the opportunity to review a travel size toiletry bag. This bag come with 6 compartments and has a free soap case cover and tooth brush head cover, a carry handle and a hook for hanging. Now if you’re like me, you will need to pack tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, oral irrigator, soap, supplements, medication,  sterile alcohol pads, adhesive bandages, little sewing kit, thermometer,  cotton swabs and cotton ball yes I need all of these items and it all fit in this bag. With the hotel and resort having the little store inside that sell these items for high retail prices I can’t leave home without these items so I can save myself more money for my trip.  So the next time you’re planning to travel and need these items go click the link below to purchase this bag.


Published by: rwarfield43

I'm a new blogger who just started a blog on beauty, health, products  and other resources. Being a female parent of three adult women and also a grandmother, I decided to share my experience's with some products I'v used as well as some information and resources. As a older women dealing with sensitive skin, I decided to blog about the products or any experience or important information that could be a blessing in other people's life. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow .

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