Product Review


To all the people who had no idea how to use essential oils for aromatherapy and your health. This guidebook is packed with benefits and very educational. Being someone who was introduce to these oils back in 2014 when my daughter was very sick. Being sensitive too medicine and environmental allergies a friend of mine told me about Eucalyptus and its benefits. I needed something that would not harm me and my daughter and to disinfect my home from gems and people that are sick. So eucalyptus was the first we use for three years but when I read the guide, I didn’t know what other benefits it and other oils can be use for. I was very surprised that you can blend certain oils like almond, olive oil, jojoba oil, walnut oil and grape seed oil to mention a few. Now talking about information I didn’t know that you can use a humidifer with these oils what a gift. So if you are into essential oils and you would like to find more benefits it would be important for you to get this guide it also come with great recipes.  The book has recipes for stress relief, improved digestive capacity and more here are a few listed.

Organic Oil Mixture

Sandal Mixture

Cedar Wood and Lemon Mixture

Headache Mixture

Insomnia Relieving Blend Ingredients

Relaxing Massage Oil IngrediThese

These are just a few so get the e-book you be happy that you did.


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