Product Review

Foto : Costin Lăzărescu

Let me start by saying that we are very bless by not being a victim of the disastets that been unexpectedly happen all over the county. We live in a state where there are hurricane but now we have experience more tornado that have rip threw our state.  This first aid kit came at the right time being its so many unexpected things that are happen around the world. Everyone should have this product in there emergencies kit. This kit is light weight and you can carry it in your car and can keep it in your glove compartment, office, road trip, home, school. and out side activity. This kit is back with everything: antiseptic cleaning wipe, alcohol pad, butterfly closure strips, adhesive bandage varying sizes, gauze swab, disposable cold compress, first aid tape, cotton tip applicator,abdominal pad, disposable vinyl glove’s, rescue whistle, button compass liquid filled, mole skin blisters relief, emergency blanket, glow stick, disposable raincoat, scissor, PBITconforming bandage 5×3.6 cm, CPR face mask, metal tweezers, eye pads, sting relief pads, safety pins.  The kit is back by the FDA with the highest quality and standard. The bag is durable and made with 600D nylon riptop that include clear pockets to identify all your supplies. When I say this kit is ready for any emergency I not joking but my only down fall is that’s I always need a thermometer, burn wipes and aspirin antibiotic ointments which you get in the basic first aid kit. I received this product for a discount price in exchange for a honest review.


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