Product Review


Always looking for new organic products for me and my family is a challenge until now. I have many lunchbox that cause me to get sick or spoil and had to throw away. Eco friendly 100% organic lunchbox made from biodegradable rice husk material. Its easy to pack in your bag and come with compartment for healthy meals. This product is leak proof so you can carry yoghurt, applesauce, juices, salad dressing and fruit cup. This product is very good for me when I go to the convention and carry my lunch it light weight and not heavyweight. You can pack cold or hot food from -20F-250F and it make a good gift for someone you love. The product come with 6.5 inch lunchbox and a lid, two walls to make compartments, spork and rubber strap to keep the box secure. What’s a plus for me is that its dishwater safe microwave, shatterproof and FDA-Approved and BPA-free. You never have to worry about anyone or yourself getting sick because this product was not made from chemical material.


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