Product Review


This is one product we all need to have as we get older. For awhile I always question why we need to keep one in the house to add to your first aid. Then as I started getting up in years and my daughter sickness,  It was important to have one. For me I was not sure which kind to get wrist or arm, digital or manual it was difficult for me to pick. Then I had the opportunity to try this brand and I was happy with it. This product have a big display and easy to use with easy and simple instructions.  It comes with two triple A batteries and a little bag. It has a big LCD display,  it stores up to 60 maximum record,  auto average for tests of 3 and a blood pressure classification & arhythmia indicate.  It’s easy to put the date, month and year as well as time. It also gives you tips on how to get your blood pressure and the do’s and don’t very simply to give accurate results.  I try another brand and was not satisfied with how it function.  I received this product for a discount price in exchange for a honest receive.


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