Product Review


Two pair of blackout curtain which is a fantastic solution for sun, noise,  heat and cold, everyone should invest in them. These wonderful curtain are great for decorate your window and come in different colors.  The material is made out of 100% polyester, machine wash in cold water and dry in gentle cycle. The only downfall for me is the curtain is too long for my window so I had to hem them temporary until I move into my new home which the curtain will be precisely right for. The curtains are created for people who work at nighttime and sleep in the daytime, baby or children at nap time, when you need to block the sun and make the room dark and for somebody who is sick and need sleep,  rest and has to have the room turn to darkness and it’s day time these are the curtain for you. I received this product for a discount price in a exchange for a honest review.


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