Product Review

This is a pillow I always wanted to attempt to sleep on.  As you all should know now is I have a sensitivity and bad allergies to environmental,  indoor and outdoor as well as food and fabrics.  So I had to have an allergy test where they stick a short needle  to determine what you are allergic too. The funny thing is I already know from the time I was a teenager in the 70’s what I was allergic to. It was no need to have the test but I guess they like to have it on paper. Anyway my body was swollen from all of the things they put in the needle that I was allergic to and then sent me home with a list of instructions.  On the list was bamboo it great for people like me and it helps. So I would go to the mall and to BJ’s and see different seller with bamboo pillow but was not sure which brand to get. My pillows that I had where flat and it didn’t help my injuries in my neck or back. I always had to keep turning from one side of the pillow to the other side. So this queen side pillow came and I could not wait to try it. First thing for me is it has a bamboo cover so that was something I needed with the memory  foam and queen side.  When I laid on this pillow I was so happy, right away I could distinguish the difference.  It pillow was cool and made my back and neck feel better so I had a good night’s rest.  Immediately I was surprised because this is an original bamboo queen size adjustable pillow.   So I didn’t know that you could adjust a pillow to your liking,  soft, flat or firm. So I said to myself how is that possible, well the pillow has a zipper that you can open the cover and the inner liner.  When you unzipped it you can take out the shredded memory foam to customize the pillow to your liking.  So you know that old saying good things happen to those who wait. I’m glad I waited to only get a pillow that work for me. I hreceived this product as a discount price for a honest review.


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