Product Review


If you’re a person who is constantly on the go and need their laptop to go with them, then this is one solution, a laptop backpack.  This backpack was exciting to try for all my everyday electronic.  It’s a solution for  you when you need to take your laptop,  phone and other electronic on the job and off along with a drink if needed. This backpack is good for you when you’re on a bicycle, scooter,  walking, bus, Uber or just when you’re drivering to your destination.  It has a decent look and you can even take it to a business meeting. It hold up in the rain and it have all the cool compartment for your Tablet and other accessories.  It’s constructed with industrial grade 600 polyester material so it’s supposed to not rip and tear. But unfortunately it rip at the seam and it has a tear but even with the rip the padded lining support your electronic in the backpack.  It  rip where the material cover the padded compartment so it but the padded compartment is still in place. The backpack  weighs 10 lbs so I not sure if it can only withstand a specific weight . So I not sure how much the backpack is suppose to hold and I only had it for a week in a half. Nice backpack for the price put you just want to carry less electronic in it but everything else is find.  I received this product for a discount price for a honest review. 


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