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Let’s talk about bath sponge pouf vs. washcloth and why it’s best and affordable to buy and use bath sponge and not washcloth due to aways cleaning them. I have spent so much money in buying and washing white washcloth weekly. I ran across this sponge pouf swirl set XL. These XL sponge pouf is not any kind of sponge they are extra large and made from a collection of mesh loofas for longer -lasting latter.  You don’t need to put but a small amount of bath gel on the sponge and you should see how it make the latter from the gel.    It comes with spa colors and would make a wonderful gift giver. I received this item for a discount price for a honest review.


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I'm a new blogger who just started a blog on beauty, health, products  and other resources. Being a female parent of three adult women and also a grandmother, I decided to share my experience's with some products I'v used as well as some information and resources. As a older women dealing with sensitive skin, I decided to blog about the products or any experience or important information that could be a blessing in other people's life. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow .

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