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I’m a traveler at heart and constantly seem to pack everything in my suitcase that cause me to over pack. Then when I decide to travel by bus, train or plane I end up paying fees for over the weight limit. Today I found out that they sale a digital luggage scale with an electronic ruler to give me the exact weight and measurements before I travel. This little digital scale can fit in your bag to travel with you. It’s easy to assemble, it comes with a strap that holds a hook and screw to insert into the digital scale to go around the object.  To utilize the scale you put the strap around the handle and hook it to the strap. Press the tare button to turn it on and the LCD will display 00, press the unit button for the weight in lb/kg and cm/in. It also have a electronic ruler wheel for measuring at the end of the scale. To apply the ruler just put the wheel where you want to start measuring and move steadily and smoothly to the end of the object and the length will display on the screen but you have to make sure you press the unit button three times to display the length. This is a item that everyone who travel should have and great for a gift. I received this item for a discount price for a honest review.


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I'm a new blogger who just started a blog on beauty, health, products  and other resources. Being a female parent of three adult women and also a grandmother, I decided to share my experience's with some products I'v used as well as some information and resources. As a older women dealing with sensitive skin, I decided to blog about the products or any experience or important information that could be a blessing in other people's life. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow .

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