Product Review


Hello my blog readers!  Today I’m writing a review on Imikas electric pencil with three settings for a heavy discount and a honest review. So let’s begin by going back to when I was born in the 50’s and sharpener was screwed on the desk or wall. As you look in the image I post underneath the new sharpener this sharpener has a handle that you had to turn to sharpen your pencil and eight sizes on a wheel for different types. So now let’s rewrind to 2015 where technology never seem to amaze me. Being now I’m older and suffer a lot of health problems I look for products that can help me and my family. The sharpener is great for your office,  for drawing, writing and travel on the go. This sharpener has three different features tips the yellow pencil is a sharp tip for writing and ouline of your drawing,  the green is a medium tip for shading your drawing and the blunt is also. I was also curious to find out if it would sharpen my eyeliner pencil it did. I enjoy this new technology sharpener because I can charge it with a USB,  batteries and plug it in the walls. It’s easy to take out to put in batteries but I’m having problems removing the other side to empty the shade pencil so I have to email the company. Other than that I do recommend this sharpener.


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