Product Review


This month has been a really busy year for me and my family. I been having problems resting, relaxing and sleeping so being able to try this sleep kit was enjoyable.  I usually travel long distance and always had to cover my face with my jacket to rest my eyes and block the light or sun. Having an opportunity to review this sleeping eye mask kit with ear plug from Adventure In Nature for free was a great opportunity. The mask is silky and gentle as well as lightweight and it’s very comfortable and fit just right on my face. I put my mask to use two days ago when my daughter brought me a new smart TV, I was really blessed to have someone who cares that much about me. Being able to unwind and listen to my favorite jazz channel made this mask a hit for me. It blackout the sun that beam through  my window in the evenings when I’m relaxing and fit my face comfortable. It also works good when I’m trying to sleep and the light shining from the outside at night and keep me up. Then I try the mask on my face and had the best sleep ever and slept all night without waking up. The ear plug is great also it block out the noise for a quiet rest. The sleep mask stops 100% of light it has an adjustable strap to accommodate men, women, children and it come with a carry case to take it anywhere. It wants smudge makeup, reduces stress and occur with a one year money back guarantee.  I’m glad to have this sleep kit because the next time I travel long distance I’ll have something to block the brightness. This mask  was a neat product to use in the house I will be carrying it with me on my travel. Come subscribe to my youtube to view the sleep eye mask kit.


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