Product Review


This weekend was a enjoyable time for me being able to share a evening with the one you love. So to be able to listen to music and get your hair done as well as pass the time with my friend, daughters, granddaughter and my friend’s children along with snacks and dinner is something to remember.  So let start by trying to solve a problem that I had this month when I got a small speaker that I thought would work with all of my devices. I love to listen to music in the shower,  outside and on the beach so I wanted it to play.  The speaker that I brought also had to keep the device and speaker together in order for it to work. The power didn’t last long and it took a long time to charge so I was in search for a new Bluetooth wireless speaker.  I had the opportunity to review a small wireless resistant speaker from Accessories Your Life company for free. This Bluetooth wireless speaker is made to put in your shower on the sink anywhere near water and it would not damage it. This weekend when this little speaker was delivery and  I turn it on I thought I had surround sound speaker and clear sound. You want to talk about enjoying my favorite jazz sound or simply listen to the Bible it was wonderful and I didn’t have to put my devices near it. I attach my tablet and smartphone together  and listen to music and answer my phone hands free with a click of a button. Great for in the rain, riding a bicycle, walking, hiking, climbing, playing, camping and fishing.  This Bluetooth wireless speaker have 3-watt audio drivers and high quality sound. It battery last 12hrs of endless music and recharge in 3hrs with include Micro USB cable. I was very surprised of the range that you can have your speaker 33 feet away from your device how enjoyable. What a fantastic weekend I had with my new speaker that I got to share with my friend and family.


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