Product Review

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Just received my Bluetooth wireless earbud from Stassion for free for a honest review.  Well, let me begin by saying how much money I’ve spent in earbuds. In a year I have spent over a 100 dollars in earbuds to go on the road or listen to music or my bible. It’s annoying to me because I’m always attached to my electronics and it stops working all the time. I was not aware that they even made wireless Bluetooth earbuds it was the solution to my problems. They are lightweight and comfortable in my ear and I love that it connect to iPhone, Android, Tablets and IPad electronics easily.  It snug fit in your ear and it have 3 different ear fins sizes for perfect fits. The benefits to these earbuds is you can use it when you exercise,  run, jump or walk and have freedom to move about and leave your electronic 30 feet away. So I’m grateful for finding out about this product and now enjoy the freedom.


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