Product Review

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Today I had the chance to try PurifyYou Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve for an honest review for a discount price from PurifyYou. Being in a hot climate near the beach cold water is a must so I was happy to have something that was portable for me to carry. So I try using this ice water bottle with my cold water and to my surprise when letting my bottle sit for a while the water was still clear and the water and bottle was cold.  Normally when I leave my water out it get warm and have a horrible taste to it, but one of my habits is I always manage to break my glass so the benefits to this bottle is it is protected with the silicone sleeve so it won’t break that’s a plus for me. I was born in the era where everything was made with glass from juices, milk, soda, jelly etc. from the Mom and Pop shop. Now the times have change and 90% of the products are with plastic and glass is hard to find in a water bottle that is protected by silicone. The benefits of this bottle is it is it is BPA free, 100% leak proof, reusable, recyclable as well as portable for me to travel with to the beach, shopping,  road trips, bussiness meeting. This 12oz bottle meet everything on my checklist when making a determination to buy a water bottle. The most significant thing for me when buying this glass water bottle is PurifyYou will give portion of the profit to Africa for water wells and the bottle is saving the earth. Overall, this is definitely recommended five star product. :-)😍


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