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Organic Wheat Grass

Organic Wheat Grass is one of my ingredients I learn to keep in my kitchen cabinets.  Well it started when caring for my daughter a couple years ago it start taking a toll on my body and I felt like I had no energy.  When I went to my doctor office I discuss my problem with her and she recommended wheat grass. No not any kind of wheatgrass but everything is organic and back by USDA and no GMO in my home. So I would create a smoothly or sometime put it in my orange juice to start my day.  The benefits of wheatgrass are Natural Energy, Detoxification, Immune System Support,  Metabolism Boost,  Promotes Healthy Digestion,  Supports Body Alkalinity and Rich With Vitamins & Minerals of Most Fruits & Veggies. It boosts my immune system along with antioxidant and detoxifier and it has 328% Vitamin K, 3503% B12 and 129 MG Chlorophyll. So instead of going to the juice bar I just get up in the morning and create my favorite smoothly or drink. So visit for more cool drink but here is a recipe for energy boost juice, 8 grams Yae organic wheatgrass, 3 green apples,  1 orange, 1 celery stalks, 1 carrots and 1 banana. I received this product for a discount price to review.  So enjoy a great immune boost drink in the morning .😀


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