Product Review

20% Ferulic Acid With Vitamin C + E Serum For Face, Wrinkles, Lines and Puffiness

This merchandise was sent to me to review for free from Ultimate Smile Inc. Can’t say much about it, but with the short time using it I can say it make your face soft.  Its description says that it’s anti-aging solution for your skin and restores skin cells and moisturizes skin. Unfortunately, I will have to keep using it to give you a complete review.  This product didn’t break my face out even though I have sensitive skin. So I will keep using it and update you on the results.

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Published by: rwarfield43

I'm a new blogger who just started a blog on beauty, health, products  and other resources. Being a female parent of three adult women and also a grandmother, I decided to share my experience's with some products I'v used as well as some information and resources. As a older women dealing with sensitive skin, I decided to blog about the products or any experience or important information that could be a blessing in other people's life. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow .

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