Product Review


I’m  happy to say this is one of the most enjoyable review I have done for free by Rebelite. Let mebegin by giving you a little background about me. I was born in the late 50’s which+ mean computer was not heard of.  As time pass by in the 70’s in my final year of school, I was introduced to computers and programming the first in my family. And then was married, had three girls and train them in business and technology.  So now we are here in 2015 and last year I brought a tablet and smartphone, but one thing was missing my daughter and her friends told me I needed to buy a stylus pen to operate my devices. Then I wanted to know why I need one to operate my device when I have a build-in keyboard.  You wanted talk about being out of the loop,  just wanted to let you know I love it so much I’m writing my blog with it. Making my work easier and more enjoyable to work with and pack with cool tools to use for other task you may have. I can use it as a ballpoint pen, Phillip and flathead screwdriver, ruler and to level  thing all in one tiny pen.  So if you never experienced using a stylus pen try the six in one with one year manufacturer warranty. I’m a happy reviewer.😄 This is as honest as it get number 1 product on my review list very satisfied. Here is your 2.75 off coupon from Rebelite Q2LZCX2H.

81QHO8nyATL._SX522_Click Here


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