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Pink Girls Digital Watch for kids and children. Barbie Doll cartoon durable watchband and very elastic. This toy watch is fashionable and effortless to wear. It’s made a neat gift for your kid and very sturdy and cute. You can detach or attach the watchband. The watch give the time and date and the kids can’t change the time or date. It has a yellow button to pop up so they can view the time and date but unfortunately my watch has a defect. I contact the company for a replacement because it is a great item to give your kid.

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Gold Women Grooming Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set that is portable lightweight that comes with all essential. It include 1 tweezers, cuticle clipper 1, eyebrow scissor 3 x nail clippers ( small one, big one, bevel one) 1 x nail file 1 x ear pick 1 x V shape cuticle pusher 1 x U shape cuticle pushed 1 x leaking knife 1 x leaking fork. This portable kit is fashionable and look like a clutch.


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Living in a hot climate where mosquitoes are always around and now with the outbreak of  Zika virus you need to find something that is not going to harm you. I need something that doesn’t break me out, has no side effects and non tonix. So now I was looking for a alternative solution other than Off. Doing my seach on the internet I found the 12 pcs 4 colors inside the package of MosQuit Repellent Brackets. I decided to get them because of the 100% natural oils including lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and preppermit with I use in my house for disinfecting, cleaning or use to make my house smell good. When I try them on I love that it is adjustable to wear on your wrist or ankle and can attach it on your clothes or purse, backpack or even safe for baby carrier . They where lightweight when I worn it and very soft on my skins.